Georgiana Bischoff: Who is  Richard Thomas’ Wife? Biography, Career, Early Life And More You Need To Know

John and Anna Bischoff welcomed Georgiana Bischoff into the world in 1915 in the state of New Jersey. Growing up in the embrace of a warm family, Georgiana shared her childhood with two brothers, Henry and another sibling, in the Garden State. By 1920, the Bischoff family had settled in a New Jersey locale, where Georgiana’s formative years unfolded amidst the backdrop of familial closeness that characterized the era.

Who is Georgiana Bischoff?

Who is Georgiana Bischoff?

Georgiana Bischoff entered the world around 1959/60, born into a bustling and expansive family circle boasting eight siblings, among them a brother named Anselm.

Despite the size of her family, details regarding her other siblings and their current whereabouts remain elusive, and the identities of her parents remain undisclosed to the public eye.

However, historical records indicate that her family operated a Native American arts and crafts store situated in Scottsdale, Arizona, throughout the 1990s. The current status of this establishment remains uncertain, shrouding its subsequent fate in mystery.

Georgiana’s life narrative weaves a tapestry rich in familial and cultural connections, though much of it remains veiled from public scrutiny.

Georgiana Bischoff Bio

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Before her marriage, Georgiana Bischoff was a nobody in the eyes of the public and media. However, after getting hitched to one of America’s prominent personalities, her profile rose enormously gaining national and global attention. But even so, Georgiana has remained very secretive about her personal life, shunning popularity and avoiding giving out any private or work related information online.

Held in Los Angeles’ Los Feliz area this marked an important turning point for Ms. Bischoff. She became Richard Thomas’ second wife after his popular marriage with Alma Gonzales that lasted from 1975-1993.

Despite the fact that her marriage has put a spotlight on her life, Georgiana is still leading a quiet existence concentrating on daily activities that are shielded from public view.

Georgiana Bischoff Wiki

SurnameGeorgiana Bischoff
Place of birthAmerica
ResidenceNew York, United States
HusbandRichard Thomas
InstagramShe’s not on social media
Height1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
Weight50 kg (110 pounds)
TattoosGeorgiana has no known tattoos.
SmokeNo, never
Brothers and SistersShe has eight brothers and sisters. One of her brothers is called Anselme.
Father and MotherUnknown
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorHazelnut
Net Worth (approximately)2 million dollars

Georgiana Bischoff Education

She was a devoted and insightful understudy during her school years, continuously zeroing in eagerly on her examinations. She went to a confidential secondary school in her old neighborhood, where she finished her essential training. 

Following secondary school, Georgiana sought after advanced education at a confidential college in the US, further improving her abilities and information. Her scholastic process mirrors her obligation to instruction and her drive to succeed.

Georgiana Bischoff Age

At present, Georgiana Bischoff is approximately 63 years old. Despite the passage of time, she maintains a vibrant presence, gracefully balancing her personal and daily life.

Her age serves as a testament to the wealth of experiences and accomplishments she has accrued over the years, contributing to her wisdom and character.

Georgiana Bischoff Height

Georgiana Bischoff stands at a modest height of 1.57 meters, equivalent to 5 feet 2 inches. While she may be petite in stature, her presence exudes immense significance.

Her height complements her graceful demeanor, enhancing her overall charm and elegance. Despite her unassuming stature, Georgiana’s character and accomplishments render her a towering figure in the eyes of those who are acquainted with her.

Georgiana Bischoff Career

Georgiana Bischoff led a typical American life, focusing on her education and career. However, her life took a significant turn when she married Richard Thomas, a renowned American actor.

This union thrust her into the spotlight, garnering attention for her not only in the US but also internationally. Despite her newfound fame, she is primarily recognized as the wife of Richard Thomas.

While her husband’s successful acting career has kept them both in the public eye, Georgiana prefers to maintain a low profile, managing her private life away from media scrutiny.

Georgiana Bischoff Personal life

Georgiana Bischoff lives a lifestyle that delicately balances between being publicly recognized while maintaining a very high level of personal privacy. Born around 1959 or 1960, she comes from a big family consisting of eight siblings where one is her brother named Anselm.

Many things about her early life such as the identity of her parents are still secret. Her family had an Indian shop store in Scottsdale, Arizona in the 1990s but its current state is unknown.

Georgiana became known when she married Richard Thomas, an actor on November 20th, 1994. They got married at Los Feliz in Los Angeles. Georgiana’s role was to step into the shoes of the mother of Richard Thomas’ other children and bring in Brooke Murphy and Kendra Kneisel as well as having their own daughters join their new family members; they also have a son called Montana James.

Georgiana currently lives in New York. She takes care of their family issues and supports Richard’s career. Nevertheless, despite her partner’s occupation being one which thrives internationally in cinema screens across different nations; however, Georgiana has chosen to remain anonymous outside public eye and away from virtual show-biz circles leaving most parts for herself alone together with those dearest to her.

Georgiana Bischoff Family

Georgiana Bischoff Family

Georgiana Bischoff hails from an American lineage, yet details regarding her parents and siblings remain undisclosed online. She consciously opts to shield information about her family, respecting their privacy as well as her own boundaries.

While the motivations behind her decision to maintain this level of privacy are personal, it reflects her desire to keep certain aspects of her life away from public scrutiny.

This choice underscores her commitment to personal privacy, despite the public interest surrounding her life due to her marriage to Richard Thomas. Should she decide to divulge more about her family in the future, such updates will undoubtedly pique the curiosity of many.

Georgiana Bischoff Husband

Georgiana Bischoff boasts an estimated net worth of around 2 million dollars. This substantial sum reflects both her own contributions and the influence of her husband, Richard Thomas, whose longstanding and lucrative career in the entertainment industry has been a significant factor.

This financial stability affords Georgiana a comfortable and secure lifestyle, including ownership of a California home valued at $570,000.

Despite not actively seeking public attention or media coverage, her net worth signifies a life of financial stability and luxury.

This wealth has enabled her to maintain a low profile while ensuring her family’s well-being and supporting her husband’s professional endeavors.

Although Georgiana has steered clear of a public career, her financial situation and lifestyle choices underscore the success and comfort she enjoys as part of a prominent family in the entertainment world.

Georgiana Bischoff Relationship

From an early age, Georgiana Bischoff held steadfastly to the belief in enduring love, embracing a timeless romantic perspective. This conviction led her to give marriage another chance after her first one ended in divorce.

Unfortunately, her second marriage also ended in divorce, leaving her with two beautiful daughters, Brooke Murphy and Kendra Kneisel. The pain from these experiences left a lasting impact, as she carried both personal scars and the responsibility of raising her children.

When she met Richard Thomas, she brought this personal and practical baggage with her, but Richard was ready to embrace both her and her daughters, offering the support and love they needed.

Georgiana Bischoff Net Worth

Georgiana Bischoff has amassed an estimated net worth of around 2 million dollars, a substantial sum that reflects both her own endeavors and the successful career of her husband, Richard Thomas, particularly in the entertainment industry.

Her financial standing affords her a comfortable and secure lifestyle, exemplified by her ownership of a California home valued at $570,000. While Georgiana does not actively seek public attention or media coverage, her net worth signifies a life of financial stability and luxury.

This wealth enables her to maintain a low profile while ensuring the well-being of her family and supporting her husband’s professional pursuits.

Despite her withdrawal from a public career, Georgiana’s financial situation and lifestyle choices speak volumes about the success and comfort she enjoys as part of a prominent family in the entertainment world.


  • Georgiana Bischoff was born around 1959 or 1960.
  • She comes from a large family with eight siblings, including a brother named Anselm.
  • Details about her parents and siblings remain undisclosed to the public.
  • Her family operated a Native American arts and crafts store in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the 1990s.
  • Georgiana married actor Richard Thomas on November 20th, 1994, in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.
  • She became Richard Thomas’ second wife after his previous marriage to Alma Gonzales.
  • Georgiana and Richard have blended families, with Georgiana being stepmother to Richard’s children from his previous marriage and having daughters of their own together.
  • They have a son named Montana James.
  • Georgiana currently resides in New York.
  • She manages their family affairs and supports Richard’s career.
  • Georgiana values privacy and prefers to keep a low profile.
  • Despite her husband’s fame, she chooses to stay away from public attention and media coverage.
  • Georgiana’s estimated net worth is around 2 million dollars.


Bearing the last name Bischoff, Georgiana is married to a well-known actor Richard Thomas. Her personal life is private but satisfying. Born about 1959 or 1960, in her large family with eight siblings she had a brother Anselm. Nonetheless, Georgiana does not want to sacrifice her privacy like her husband Richard due to his fame; thus, she leads a private life. She became Richard Thomas’ second wife after his first marriage ended in 1994 and together they have established a blended family with some of their own children and kids from his previous relationship that Georgiana is stepmothering these days. Currently residing in New York, she oversees the family businesses while supporting Richard’s career as an artiste. This article will show you how much money Georgiana has made for herself and what kind of lifestyle it affords her.


Q: In which year was Georgiana born?

A: Georgiana Bischoff was born around 1959 or 1960.

Q: How many brothers and sisters does Georgiana have?

A: Georgiana comes from a large family with eight siblings including one brother called Anselm.

Q: Where does Georgiana now stay at?

A: She lives in New York, New York.

Q: What does she do for a living?

A: On the whole, she is more of a housewife than anything else since she manages their family businesses alongside helping out her husband who works as an actor by profession.

Q: Is she on social media platforms sharing posts publicly?

A: No, because it seems like her Instagram account might be set to private so that only certain individuals can follow her.

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