How Much Does Illinois Car Shipping Cost?

The cost of shipping vehicles to and/or from Illinois is influenced by numerous factors. Some of them include:

  • Distance
  • Vehicle Type
  • Service Type
  • Period
  • Vehicle Condition
  • Fuel Price
  • Location

You can read this article to see some other cost-influencing factors. By the way, the aforementioned factors and several others do not have the same level of influence.

While this article could simply share the average cost prices of using these services, it is not the best way to go about addressing this subject. The reason is that the prices can be volatile, as influenced by the factors discussed here and several others.

Cost Factors in Illinois Car Shipping

The need to prioritize knowledge of cost factors over actual cost cannot be overemphasized. Below is an actual example that drives home this point.

The average service price for shipping cars from Illinois to Washington was around 1046 dollars in 2022. It would interest you to know that the average price of shipping vehicles through the same route has gone up by almost a thousand dollars in 2 years.

This goes to show you how much can change in a very short time. As a result, you should be more concerned about the factors that make the auto transportation industry this volatile. Some of the factors responsible for this include the following:

Distance & Location

Someone who needs to ship his car from Illinois to Washington will most likely pay more than someone who needs the same service for shipment from Illinois to Georgia. Distance is the major reason for this as the route from Illinois to Washington is more than twice the route from Illinois to Georgia.

In other words, the longer the distance covered; the more you will be charged. By the way, that partly explains why international services cost more than interstate services.

Shipping Method

Auto transportation companies ship vehicles using trailer carriers. However, the type that transports your vehicle to the agreed destination determines service type and even cost.

Against this backdrop, you should know that there are options for using open or enclosed trailer carriers. Open carrier trailers expose vehicles while they are being transported.

However, it is a lot more budget-friendly and a more patronized option. On the other hand, shipment with enclosed carrier trailers is discreet but more expensive. It is also less patronized, which could necessitate expedited services in some situations.

It is important to make informed choices when choosing between both options. For example, Illinois auto shipping experts strongly recommend using enclosed carrier trailers for the transportation of high-value vehicles. This is for the sake of absolute protection from theft and nature while being transported.


The industry is somewhat volatile as pointed out earlier and the time of the year when the service is booked influences cost. There are two major reasons why the time when this service is booked can influence service charges.

The first has to do with demand and supply. This is considering how there are peak demand periods and charges are usually on the high side during these periods.

The second has to do with weather and climatic conditions as offering this service is more challenging during certain periods. Winter is a prime example and the cost of auto shipping services during this period usually reflects this.

Fuel Price

The price of fuel determines how much shipping your vehicle from Illinois to wherever you need your vehicle shipped to would cost. By the way, fuel in this context implies whatever the carrier trailer that would ship your vehicle runs on.

For example, while traditional options run on petrol, diesel, or gas; there are now electric carrier trailers. As a result, the cost of electrically recharging such trailers would impact the cost of using this service.

Vehicle Type & Condition

It costs more to ship large-sized automobiles. For example, shipping an SUV usually costs more than shipping a regular salon car.

Furthermore, the vehicle’s inherent value is another determinant. For example, shipping a Rolls-Royce will most likely cost a lot more than shipping a regular SUV. This is even though the latter weighs more than the former. This is a result of the massive inherent value of Rolls–Royce vehicles.

By the way, Rolls-Royce vehicles are comfortably among the most expensive and valuable automobiles in the world. For more information on others, you can visit:

Furthermore, the vehicle’s condition also plays a part in how much you would be charged. Generally speaking, shipping an inoperable vehicle increases auto shipment costs. The reason is that it requires a lot more (human and material) resources.

In Closing

Opting for budget-friendly car shipping solutions is not wrong. However, it should not be at the expense of getting value. So, prioritize what the service offers by making this a major yardstick when choosing a service provider and service type for car shipping needs.

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