Moriah Elizabeth: Biography, Net Worth, Career, and All About Moriah Elizabeth’s Husband Jordan

Moriah Elizabeth is a well-known United States YouTuber, author, and influencer known for her interesting DIY crafts, squishy toys, and journaling. Moriah has built up a loyal fanbase over the years with 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 252k followers on Instagram due to her imaginative videos that entertain people.

DIY craft tutorials were Moriah’s first entry into the digital world through YouTube where she shared her creative talents. She had always been interested in art and crafting since she was a child so it was only natural that this became an outlet for her skills online. What made her different from others who did similar things at that time was how she approached them which soon attracted viewers because of its uniqueness coupled with friendly on-screen persona thus making one feel like they could be friends even though meeting physically would not happen.

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In addition to being successful as a YouTuber Moria also had success as an author having written three books: Create This Book, Create This Book 2 and Create This Book 3; all these titles provide readers with artistic prompts or exercises aimed at getting them explore their own abilities.

People want more than just work stuff about Moriah though; they want juicy details on what makes her tick outside professional life too – love interests especially rank high among those curious minds out there! Jordan is married happily ever after personified in one word here but let me give some background information first… As teenagers still attending high school together somewhere along their individual journeys towards self-discovery love happened between them eventually leading into marriage later down line when both parties grew older wiser perhaps going through other relationships realizing this was meant be forevermore kind thingy you know?

Moriah Elizabeth Biography

Date of BirthNov 14, 1994
Age30 Years
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States
ResidenceCalifornia, United States
CountryUnited States
Father(will update soon)
Mother(will update soon)
Siblings(will update soon)
Weight55 KG
Height5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth(will update soon)

Early Life and Education

moriah elizabeth

Moriah Elizabeth’s journey in YouTube and content creation is accidental, driven by her creativity and love for art. Moriah originally planned to become a graphic designer at a software company but something happened that made her a star on the internet.

While studying graphic design in college, she nurtured her gift of making things beautiful outside classwork. What started as a hobby for crafts and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects became a side hustle on YouTube where she shared with an audience that grew bigger every day. At first, the channel was just an avenue through which she could express herself creatively before people began noticing how different and interesting her thoughts were.

The success of Moriah’s YouTube channel left her torn between conventional career goals and new-age online content production. She eventually chose to make it her full-time job after falling more in love with art due to the positive feedback given by viewers.

This marked another phase in Moriah’s life supported all along by Jordan, her husband since high school days. The decision to drop out of college for YouTube must have seemed like jumping off a cliff blindfolded but it turned out to be one of those moments when you take risks because you can’t lose anything anyway.

What set apart Moriah from other artists who tell stories was how easy she made it for people relate with what she painted while watching videos. Her genuineness plus ability create captivating works kept subscribers coming so that within no time at all; this lady became among top known figures in do-it-yourself circles around here.

YouTube Career

Source YouTube

Moriah Elizabeth entered the YouTube scene at the age of 16 in 2010, initially sharing videos showcasing her DIY projects, including crafting squishy toys, painting, and drawing. Her intent was simply to connect with like-minded individuals and share her passion for creativity, never anticipating the immense popularity her content would soon achieve.

Her channel gained significant traction with the introduction of series like “Wreck This Journal” in 2014. This series, based on Keri Smith’s book, encouraged unconventional journaling by creatively destroying and transforming its pages. Moriah’s humorous and artistic approach to the tasks resonated with viewers, inspiring many to embark on their own journaling adventures.

Another milestone for Moriah’s channel came in 2018 with the launch of “Squishy Makeovers.” In this series, Moriah showcased her talent by transforming inexpensive and unattractive squishy toys through cutting, painting, and intricate decorations. Alongside these makeovers, she conducted squishy unboxings, where she reviewed and rated products from various sellers, showcasing her unique style and creativity.

In addition to her signature series, Moriah diversified her content with thrift store hauls, baking tutorials, challenges, Q&A sessions, and collaborations with fellow YouTubers. Her videos often featured her husband, brother, and cat, adding a personal touch that resonated with her audience.

Despite her immense success, Moriah stayed true to herself, focusing on content she enjoyed rather than chasing trends. Her authenticity and dedication earned her numerous accolades, including the Shorty Award for Best in DIY in 2020 and the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator in 2021.

As of 2023, Moriah Elizabeth’s YouTube channel boasts over 4.5 million subscribers and has amassed more than 3 billion views, reflecting her enduring influence and impact within the online creative community.

Books and Merchandise

In addition to her YouTube success, Moriah Elizabeth has ventured into the realms of authorship and entrepreneurship, further solidifying her presence in the creative community. Her authorial debut came in 2015 with the release of “Create This Book,” a captivating compilation of prompts and challenges designed to ignite readers’ imaginations and inspire original artworks. This publication resonated deeply with her audience, paving the way for subsequent installments in the series.

Following the success of her first book, Moriah unveiled “Create This Book 2” in 2018, building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor with a fresh array of prompts and challenges. This sequel continued to empower readers to explore their creative potential, fostering a sense of artistic freedom and expression.

In 2021, Moriah concluded her acclaimed series with the launch of “Create This Book 3.” This final installment enriched the collection with a diverse range of prompts and challenges, serving as a culmination of her dedication to fostering creativity and artistic exploration.

Beyond her literary endeavors, Moriah curates a vibrant array of merchandise available on her website, From t-shirts and hoodies adorned with her distinctive designs to stickers, mugs, and phone cases, her merchandise embodies her unique artistic vision. Additionally, Moriah offers her own line of squishies, featuring beloved characters like Pickle the Dinosaur, Georgie the Ghost, and Opie the Cat, derived from her popular YouTube creations.

Moriah’s entrepreneurial ventures complement her creative pursuits, allowing her to connect with fans on a tangible level while sharing her passion for art and crafting in innovative ways. Through her books and merchandise, Moriah continues to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their creativity and embark on their own artistic journeys.

Personal Life and Husband

Personal Life and Husband

Moriah Elizabeth’s personal life is anchored by her deep and enduring relationships. She shares a loving and supportive bond with her husband, Jordan, whom she met during their high school years and began dating at the age of 17. The couple made a lifelong commitment to each other by marrying in 2013 at the age of 19, guided by a shared understanding of their future together.

Their marriage is built on a foundation of mutual respect and common interests, including a passion for art, music, and movies. Moriah often describes Jordan as her best friend, highlighting his role in bringing joy and laughter into her daily life. She appreciates his unwavering support and patience, especially during busy periods when her work demands significant attention.

Although Moriah and Jordan do not yet have children, their family life is enriched by the presence of their cherished cat, Opie, who frequently makes delightful appearances in Moriah’s videos, endearing himself to her fans.

Moriah’s close-knit relationship extends beyond her immediate family to include her parents and younger brother, Sam. She treasures the strong connection she maintains with them, regularly visiting and celebrating important milestones together. Moriah credits her family for nurturing her passion for creativity and for being instrumental in empowering her to pursue her dreams.

In essence, Moriah Elizabeth’s life is defined by meaningful connections—with her loving husband, supportive family, and beloved furry companion—all of which contribute to her happiness and success both personally and professionally.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Moriah Elizabeth’s estimated net worth of $255 thousand USD as of 2023 reflects her success and influence in the digital and creative industries. The majority of her income is derived from her thriving YouTube channel, where she monetizes her content through advertisements placed by Google. Additionally, Moriah generates revenue from her published books, merchandise sales, and partnerships with various brands and companies.

Despite her financial accomplishments, Moriah remains grounded and appreciative of her achievements. She values the joy and fulfillment she derives from her work, particularly the opportunity to engage with her dedicated fan base. For Moriah, personal satisfaction and creative fulfillment supersede concerns about fame or monetary gains.

Her down-to-earth perspective underscores her genuine passion for art and creativity, which serves as the driving force behind her endeavors. Moriah’s dedication to authenticity and meaningful connections with her audience exemplifies her commitment to a purpose-driven approach to her career.

Ultimately, Moriah Elizabeth’s success is not defined solely by her net worth, but by the meaningful impact she has on her viewers and the fulfillment she finds in pursuing her artistic passions. Her humility and gratitude serve as a testament to her genuine love for her craft and her unwavering dedication to creating content that inspires and resonates with others.


Moriah Elizabeth is a renowned American YouTuber, author, and influencer known for her captivating DIY crafts, squishy toys, and journaling content. Born on November 14, 1994, in California, Moriah’s journey into the digital world began with her passion for art and crafting, which she transformed into engaging online content. Starting her YouTube channel at the age of 16 in 2010, Moriah quickly gained popularity with her unique DIY projects and relatable persona, amassing over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 252k followers on Instagram.

Her breakthrough series like “Wreck This Journal” and “Squishy Makeovers” propelled her channel to new heights, showcasing her talent and creativity. Moriah is also a successful author, having published three books in her “Create This Book” series, filled with prompts and challenges to inspire artistic exploration.

Beyond her online endeavors, Moriah’s personal life is characterized by her deep connection with her husband, Jordan, whom she met in high school and married at the age of 19. Together with their beloved cat, Opie, Moriah and Jordan share a passion for art, music, and movies.

Moriah Elizabeth’s success extends beyond financial achievements, as she values authentic connections with her fans and remains dedicated to inspiring creativity and positivity through her work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Moriah Elizabeth’s net worth?

A: Moriah Elizabeth’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is around $255 thousand USD. Her income primarily comes from her YouTube channel, book sales, merchandise, and brand partnerships.

Q: What are Moriah Elizabeth’s books about?

A: Moriah has authored three books titled “Create This Book,” “Create This Book 2,” and “Create This Book 3.” These books are filled with creative prompts and challenges aimed at inspiring readers to explore their artistic abilities and unleash their creativity.

Q: Who is Moriah Elizabeth’s husband?

A: Moriah Elizabeth is married to her high school sweetheart, Jordan. They tied the knot in 2013 when they were both 19 years old. Jordan is a supportive partner and shares Moriah’s interests in art, music, and movies.

Q: What are some of Moriah Elizabeth’s popular YouTube series?

A: Moriah gained popularity with series like “Wreck This Journal,” where she creatively transformed journal pages, and “Squishy Makeovers,” where she revamped inexpensive squishy toys. She also creates content ranging from thrift store hauls to baking tutorials and challenges.

Q:  How does Moriah Elizabeth describe her approach to content creation?

A: Moriah values authenticity and enjoys engaging with her audience. She prioritizes creating content that she is passionate about, rather than chasing trends or fame, and finds fulfillment in inspiring others through her art and creativity.

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